The TriggerBox is a simple multi-purpose trigger and sensor interface. It connects drum triggers (piezo-elements), expression pedals, foot switches and other sensors to your computer by USB, or to other instruments by MIDI. It can be used as a building block in making your own guitar-pedal rack, drum machine or crazy sensor setup.

The current version uses an ATMega168 microcontroller, same as the Arduino, and running the same bootloader. This means that the Arduino environment can be used for reprogramming the firmware.

The TriggerBox firmware runs the analog-to-digital converter in free-running mode at a high frequency to catch sensor peaks and changes.

The communication protocol is straight MIDI to and from the ‘box. When externally powered it can run independently of a computer and connect straight to other MIDI equipment.

The inputs are stereo and mono jacks which are configured over MIDI to work with regular expression pedals (regardless of polarity) and different types of drum triggers. It is also very easy, and cheap, to make your own triggers.

The TriggerBox is a work-in-progress, schematics and source code will be published very soon.


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