The Taquito is an electronic wind instrument which has no keys. Therefore it is not a saxsynth, but could perhaps be thought of as something of an electronic trombone.

We shall try to update this page soon with pictures, schematics and more information about the latest prototypes. In the meantime this is from our old website:

In the history of electronic wind instruments there are some highlights, though the real classic will always be Nyle Steiner’s EVI.

Following on in this great tradition we present el taquito, a humble project that hopes it may have something to contribute. The very first prototype is already being played in the pingdynasty laboratory, to the joy of white coats and neighbours alike.

Taquito with LM400 bluetooth module 

Taquito with LM400 bluetooth module 


The device is quite simple, it uses a single, linear, touch-sensitive potentiometer instead of buttons. When pressed, the position is registered. This determines the pitch, and the exact position can also be used to bend the note and alter the timbre. A sensitive air pressure sensor provides breath control. This setup is coupled with two buttons for changing octaves up and down. The prototype plugs straight into an Arduino Diecimila, or runs standalone with an AtMega8 processor and LM400 Bluetooth module.


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