The BlipBox is all of the following:

  • a creative tool and musical instrument
  • a large, high definition x/y controller with visual feedback
  • a uniquely versatile MIDI and OSC controller

It can also function as a touch-screen monome emulator, and almost anything else you can think of doing with an 8×10 LED matrix and touch controller.

All aspects of the project are published as open source, including the firmware, hardware schematics and build instructions. You can use and abuse, hack, extend and reinvent the BlipBox at any level you choose – from creative use of the available applications right through to circuit bending the hardware. And the documentation is there to guide you on the way. All that we ask for is, should you redistribute any work based on ours, to follow the Gnu General Public License.

Current development is focused on music production, but expect to see many other creative uses.


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