Welcome to the BlipBox project blog. The BlipBox is a physical computing project that publishes open source software and hardware.

Our aim is to develop an open hardware platform that will inspire developers, designers, musicians, techies and artists alike. The ultimate goal is to create a device that is unique, fun to use, truly useful and highly creative. We hope our hard work will help to establish a diverse and creative community that will push these simple ideas further.

The software and hardware that we publish is made available under the GNU General Public License, known to its friends as the GPL.

All our software is available from github. If you would like to get involved (please do) leave a message on this blog.

Please note that the BlipBox is not to be confused with the very nice MeeBlip, the very ridiculous BlipTronic, or Rob Hordijk’s amazing Blippoo Box. It’s a just a different blip.



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  1. Stephen Michael Mallaghan says:

    Artist/Musician living and working in the East End of London.
    Stumbled on your link via London HackSpace – Basically curious to see other people trying to screw around with little boxes that make noises they probably shouldna oughta.

    • mars says:

      Hi Steve,
      I sent you an email.
      next time you’re in the hackspace let me know and I’ll show you the BlipBox and some other projects if you like.

  2. Tom says:

    thanks for sending us the blipbox. we can´t find an editor software to get it going can please send us the software.

  3. Conor says:

    Any chance of a demo video – youtube etcc?

  4. Jan says:

    There will be Youtube shortly. I just received my Test Unit from Schneidersladen and will do some HD videos, examples, etc — sick stuff — you gonna like it.

    • mars says:

      That’d be most excellent and much appreciated. Looking forward to see.
      We’re planning to put a page up with links to peoples videos, to make them easier to find.

  5. Takumi Motoike says:

    Nice MIDI controller! Is it possible to order from Japan?

    • mars says:

      Hi Takumi,

      Parcelforce is quoting £38 for shipping to Japan. I will update the shopping page with this option. It’s pretty expensive though. You could try buying through Schneidersladen, that may work out cheaper.

  6. Hey there, what would the shipping cost to Melbourne, Australia be? I intend on buying a couple of kits one to use and one to tinker with.


  7. Eddie says:

    I’m really wanting to buy a kit to mix into my current controller setup, and I’m wondering if the kit contains absolutely everything I need sans the case? I just need everything ready to go, like with the case version, but just without the case. Is this do-able?

    I cannot wait to get one of these. When I first ran across these LEDs some time ago I’ve been wondering how to make something like this work. So thanks, and stay out of my head, please!

    • mars says:

      Hi there,

      the kit does not include the Connection board or its components. Instead it can be directly connected (and powered) by USB using an FTDI TTL-232R cable, which you can buy e.g. from Farnell. Alternatively an FT232RL breakout board such as this one will do the trick.
      If you also require MIDI and external power (for stand-alone operation) you will need the Connection board, which is a bit trickier to build. See here.

  8. Alex says:

    Hi, congratulations on what looks like a fantastic controller. I was wondering when ready-made blipboxes would be available again?

    Also, do you have any plans in the pipeline to make blipboxes with larger matrices (eg. 8 x 16 or 16 x 16)?


    • mars says:

      Thank you! Yes, it’s a lot of fun.
      There are still one or two ‘boxes available from SchneidersLaden [1].

      As for larger screens, I have some ideas but nothing concrete yet. The 8×10 grid has, roughly, standard aspect ratio, which means we can use an off-the-shelf touch screen. It should be possible to double the size to 10×16 using the same LED modules. That would measure almost 12 inches! However there are no firm plans in place yet.

      [1] http://www.schneidersladen.de/en/blipbox-2

  9. Hey guys

    Loving the look of this controller, if you would like a distributor in Australia I would be happy to discuss, feel free to email me.

    Kind regards

  10. Hello
    i love it !!
    is it possible to pre order 1 blipbox 4cv?

  11. Sasha says:

    Hello Martin!

    I met you today at the Schneidersbuero event at Rough Trade. I love your new euro-module. I’m definitely up for buying 2 direct from you if possible when you have them ready. Email me with any contact details so we can talk more. Nice to meet you today.


  12. antonio says:

    I would like to buy a kit.
    connection pcb it’s also for cv out ?
    Can i use blip box as simple midi keyboard and sequencer, can i record simple sequence on it and change it on the flay?



  13. brett hoyle says:

    hi was wanting to order a klasmata,is there any way to pay with paypal?

  14. Patrick says:

    I was wondering when you are releasing the CV output Blipbox and how much it will cost? Also, I want to get a Blipbox the next time some are available and was wondering if there is a mailing list I can get on so I can stay informed. Thanks for your help.

  15. Wolfram says:

    will MidiSerial run on OS10.7? If I try to run it I get an Permission denied.


  16. thomas says:

    i have the box one year, this is the best miditool for my machines. @moment i have a very big problem, the box are complete delete . its very stupid from mee. i have played with the arduino software. i can not copy the original software on the box. HELP ME PLEASE! this is a big problem for me. can you help a stupid music boy.

  17. Marlon says:

    Hello there Lads!!
    I was wondering if the TriggerBox is going to be available at some point…
    It looks exacly what I need… and also if its going to be availabe, how much $$?


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