New BlipZones Version

We’re pleased to release an updated version of BlipZones, your friendly neighbourhood BlipBox companion.

The main new feature in v1.7 is that the app now accepts MIDI in. This means seamless DAW integration: you can record a motion sequence into Live, Cubase et c, and then play it back to the device. Buttons, sliders and XY controller zones are updated directly from your MIDI application.

Setup is as easy as before: the input and output can be connected to existing virtual or hardware MIDI ports. On Mac and Linux you can also configure BlipZones to set up its own virtual ports.

The new release also comprises a number of performance improvements, most importantly an updated device communication protocol which drastically reduces the amount of messages sent to the BlipBox.

The code is available on github as usual, tagged v1.7. Prebuilt binaries for Linux, Mac and Windows are here, marked v17.

Have fun!

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