BlipZones FruityLoops Template

Sorry, that should probably be FL Studio, lest we were talking cereals. Which we are not.

BlipBox user tigabeatz sent us his FL template for use with BlipZones. This is what he writes:

fruity mixer
Blipbox controls first 4 channels on FL Mixer and visualizes their volume (Pre Fader).
This has been done by involving a peakcontroller on each channel. This peakcontroller is linked to a midi out, which controls blipzones (Channel 5). blipzoneĀ“s zones control the mixer on a different midi channel (Channel 1). The XY Controller controls the Peak Controllers Vol and Tension Knobs (to config blipbox meter scale).

Blipzone Preset: tbz_blipzones_flmixer.xml
FlStudio Preset: tbz_flstudio_flmixer.flp
Hint: The Midi Outs port has to be set to the port you assigned in FL Studios settings (see image)

Get it here. Thank you mr beatz!

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