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The BlipBox was recently the subject of a nice write-up on Create Digital Music.

“Light-up grids of buttons are nearly commonplace, but the BlipBox is something different: its array of lights is also a sensor, making it both X/Y controller and light-up grid. And it’s designed to be completely open — firmware, hardware, schematics and documentation are all fully GPL-licensed and open source.”

“For those of us who aren’t ninja coders, it’s also easy to customize, thanks to friendly software for making nifty interactive animations on its display and support for the artist-friendly Processing code environment.”

Thanks guys!

We’ve also been covered by Hungarian music blog, who say Berhelhető mátrixkontroller! Not sure what that means, but according to google translate they say:

“Great 8 x 10-inch ledmátrix Controller arrived the other day, Blipbox name, website here. USB and MIDI outputs also provides OSC was also able, and to assemble this kit only costs £ 90 in English (up to a 165-on). The touch interface otherwise high-resolution 8 x 10 is only a rough visual feedback, and hardware / software is completely open, anyone belebarmolhat.”

There you are, go forth and belebarmolhat!

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