BlipOS Release 1.0

This is our first official release of BlipOS, the BlipBox firmware.

Features include:

  • double buffered LED display
  • tap, double tap, drag gesture recognition
  • ASCII pixelfont
  • MIDI zone support


The new MIDI zones are pretty nifty. Using a configuration application, you can define a number of presets, each with up to 8 different zones on the touch screen surface. Each zone can function as a continuous slider, button or toggle, and can trigger MIDI notes or CC messages. Several zones can overlap for more complex configurations.

For example you can set up two sliders to create a crossfader, or overlap a horizontal and a vertical slider to create an X/Y control surface.

The zones combine to make a preset, and up to 5 presets can be uploaded to the BlipBox. Through a preset chooser (activated by a double-tap gesture in the bottom left corner) you can then call up and use any preset, which are stored in non-volatile memory.

It is also possible to add preset chooser buttons to your zones, which enables you to quick-select or jump between any given presets.

The zones function independently of the USB connection. Once configured, the BlipBox can be used stand-alone together with other MIDI equipment.

The release source is available for download from github.

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