MidiSerial Updates

As it turns out the initial release of MidiSerial had some problems sending messages to the Arduino. It seems the FTDI virtual comm port drivers are a bit particular about the termios settings they expect – at least my simplistic approach to configuring a raw serial connection was not good enough.
Having come across this excellent article on todbot I have now managed to sort the problems out.
Up-to-date source code is available on our git server and github.
You can also download a Mac OS X Universal binary from here: MidiSerial.

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4 Responses to MidiSerial Updates

  1. Diego Leroux says:

    Hi, I just want to download the MidiSerial but the link is broken. Is it available ?
    Thanks !


  2. mars says:

    Sorry, that link is dead – please use:

    • Diego Leroux says:

      Hi Mars, thanks ! I’ve downloaded the file but I can’t get it to work, it opens a terminal window, how do I set the baud rate and the serial port I’m using ?

      Thanks a lot !


      • mars says:

        ah well it’s a command line application:
        Open a terminal window, ‘cd’ to the directory that the executable is in, and run it with
        ./MidiSerial -h
        that will show you the available command line options.